Audio Production

We’re a full audio production studio with 24 inputs ready to go. Running Apple’s Logic ProX gives us unlimited tracking capabilities for any crazy project you’ve got planned. We feel that anyone should be able to afford to record their music, that’s one of the reasons we started this studio. 

Studio time at $20/hr
Mixing $50/ Track

Video Production

70 percent of all consumer Internet traffic is video. It’s time you get something out there. We can shoot in HD and edit your video in house, we’ve also got a large green screen if you want to get really creative! Location shoots available as well. Pricing varies, contact us today for more info. 

Multimedia Design

You need great photos, a good website and other marketing materials to be effective. We can help you sell your music on your the internet through your own website.

Website packages
starting at $750


We will be offering this service soon. In the meantime, we have a great photographer we work with to get amazing photos! (contact us for more info)

Our Gear

24 inputs in high-definition 24-bit/192kHz resolution…  

We use a M-Audio 2626 Audio Interface and 2 Behringer ADATs, which gives us 24 analog inputs for all our recording needs.
We track with Apple Logic ProX and have ProTools available as well.
We can even take this system mobile and record almost anywhere!

We’ve got some great guitar amps too, choose from Mesa Boogie, Orange, Vox, & Marshall! 

We’ve got some other fun toys laying around including a 64key midi controller, a Korg Kaoss Pad, various guitar effect pedals, a bell kit, an autoharp, an analog 4 track, and other various percussion instruments.


Guitar Amps

  • Orange TH30 1×12 combo
  • MesaBoogie Heartbreaker 100 head
  • Vox Night Train 15w head
  • 4×10 Ashdown guitar cabinet
  • Marshall combo 1×10
  • Handmade 1×8 cabinet
  • Line 6 1×10 combo


  • Ibanez Artcore

  • Ibanez Acoustic

  • Fender Strat

  • Gibson Les Paul

  • 12 String Danelectro

  • 4 str Bass guitar

Percussion & Misc

  • Mandolin

  • Auto Harp

  • Bell Kit

  • Shakers

  • Maracas

  • Cigar Box Guitar

Effects & Stuff

  • 49 key midi keyboard

  • Korg Kaoss pad kp3

  • Line 6 DL-4 delay pedal

  • Digitech Whammy pedal

  • Cry-Baby Wha

Check out some projects we’ve done

We Record Anything, anywhere, anytime.”

~ Sam Phillips, Sun Records



Video Production

We can shoot your event in multiple angles and edit it all together to create your music video.

Wanna rock?

Contact us and get started.


710 Main St.
Baldwin, WI 54002

Phone: 612-597-9498