Bringing a recording studio to Baldwin, Wisconsin

Though it was always a dream of mine, having a recording studio wasn’t on my radar in April, 2016. I had just been diagnosed with lung cancer & had 2/3 of my right lung removed. I spent the next year taking it easy and recovering, gathering my strength for whatever was to come next.

By fall of 2016 I was recording a lot of my own music at home, and released an EP (Prairie Dogs Have Plague available at, but our living room wasn’t an ideal studio space. In March of 2017, my wife (& business partner) found the building at 710 Main St. for our business, Focus Digital Marketing. We pounced and leased the building, and with two large rooms in the basement and a live room upstairs it was perfect for a studio space.

I’ve always wanted to have a studio or work in a studio. Early on in my musical career, my band Captain i recorded an EP at Mars Musical Adventures in Hudson, WI. The owner Jeff Johnson (from the band Another Carnival) took us young kids under his wing, gave us a great deal on studio time, and helped us learn our way around the studio and the stage. The things I learned from him would build the foundation for what I want Bailey Park Studio to be.

Music was always special to me, ever since I was little I started listening to and collecting all the music I could get my grubby little hands on. I got a guitar for my 13th birth day, and caught the music bug. I’ve recorded albums and played countless gigs with many different bands. I attended Music Tech for Guitar and also Music Production. I enjoyed over 15 years on stage, but by early 2012 it became too difficult to play gigs due to Muscular Dystrophy.

But, if 2016 taught me anything, life is too short to not make music.

I want musicians to be able to afford studio time and have a place they can be creative & perfect their material. They should have somewhere they can get used to working in a studio environment or just record demos without blowing their college or retirement funds. And for musicians in Western Wisconsin, there isn’t anywhere nearby unless they want to drive to the Twin Cities. So being located near my hometown was important to me & I’m really excited to be on Main St. in Baldwin.

Having musicians come in to put their music down on “tape” and trust me to capture the sound and feeling of their songs is a big responsibility that I don’t take lightly. I may be new to running a studio, but I’m not new to music.

I’ve had one band come through to test out the space & new equipment and it sounded pretty great. I can’t wait for the next band or artist to come through so I can hear what they’re up to!

Love, peace & music,