Payment: Clients are responsible for all monies due to the studio and shall make payment to the studio as follows: cash, Credit cards, or bank certified check. No media will be turned over to you until full payment is made for that day.

Deposit: A 50% deposit of the total amount due is required for all sessions and must be made within 48 hours of reserving studio time and services. Deposits are nonrefundable, but sessions may be rescheduled with 2 days notice at no penalty. Sessions cancelled or rescheduled with less than 2 days notice may forfeit full or partial deposit.

Damages: Client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to BPS premises and/or property caused by the client, the client’s employees, guests, invitees or agents acting under client’s instruction, as a result of misuse, negligence, carelessness or willful misconduct.

CD & DVD blanks:

All charges include one CD of the finished mixes
Blank CD-R can be provided, for $2 extra per CD

Backup: Digital usage and storage have become major issues for studios and clients. Due to the unreliable nature of this digital world, we cannot guarantee the safe use or storage of digital audio files. We strive to do our best with audio file manipulation and storage, but there are many things out of our control. For example there are often “bugs” in operating systems and attendant software; hardware components that suddenly become defective in hard drive power supplies; glitches in the operations of complex computer functions, etc., that can cause losses in data. Although such losses are infrequent, Bailey Park Studio accepts no liability for the usage or storage of any data or audio files.

It is necessary for every client to provide backup for digital audio file storage.

Bailey Park Studio is not responsible for educating or instructing client on care and storage of digital data and media, or any data, media or client files lost or corrupted while stored on studio hard drives. Please note, as well, that files will be stored for no more than 30 days following completion of the session.